Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Courting and Finances"

  The initial phase of a relationship can be extremely exciting.  Activities usually include things like dining, trips, movies, museums and shows.  However, these things can be very costly and may even "cost" your relationship. 
  In the courting phase of a relationship it is customary that the "MAN" pays.  Yet, when does the courtship end and the partnership begin?  It is really more or less up to the two people who are dating.  Every couple is different and moves at a different pace depending on how much you see each other.
  While men need to pay close attention to a woman's need to be attended to when it comes to the initial courting period, women also need to be sensitive to what a man's limitations may be in things like dining out.  Communication is key in establishing what is to be expected and to "IGNORE"  or not have the "TUFF CONVERSATIONS" about what is affordable will sabotage your relationship at one point or another.
  Bottom line is a man who is "cheap" is not attractive and a woman who is a "taker" is certainly not OK!  Be sensitive to one another and have a good time.  Being creative by cooking at home, taking day trips that are within your budget and bringing your own snacks to a movie are all more affordable options when you are dating.  In a perfect world romances would never be tangled up in finances, but in the world we live in, it's about having fun and having realistic expectations for your significant other.

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