Thursday, November 4, 2010

PRIVACY takes the pressure off your "Dating Life."

  Your friends are essential but sometimes we are our own worst enemies.  Dating is a delicate subject when you are dating and your affairs are your own business.  When it comes to new prospects,  telling your pals about that special someone increases the pressure on you and on your date consciously or subconsciously.   Here are two ways speaking too soon can influence your love life.
  You may or may not connect with this new person on a first date and having to explain the reasons as to why it didn't work out can become a frustrating experience.  However, if you keep it to yourself, you can move on calmly and not have to relive the "drama."  The next scenario is that you actually had a great time.  Terrific news!  On the other hand, if you tell your friends about this amazing person early on, the hassle to follow up could sabotage your new found relationship.  Privacy gives you the peace of mind to see where it goes at your own pace!
  Being able to share your life with your friends is a wonderful and beautiful thing.  However, considering that dating is a personal adventure, maybe holding back might serve you better in the long run.  Maintaining a quiet mind without outside influences helps you find your center when you are on your search for love.  Tell your friends about your new romance later!  I am quite sure they will understand and will still adore you! XOXOXO


  1. I completely agree with this. Besides my nearest and dearest friend (whom I share everything with!), I try to keep new guys on the DL until I know he's going to be around for awhile. Everyone doesn't need to know about my dating failures or almost-wases. It can be depressing and/or uninspiring while going through it. We can laugh about all of that stuff later while toasting my new love.

  2. My feelings exactly :)! Thanks for the comment! xo

  3. You know, I too have to agree, though this CAN be difficult because women are natural communicators (well most well-adjusted ones anyway) and do so as a "release" when stressed or excited.

    My curernt dating situation definitely speaks to this post. I praised...then bashed (after a bad judgement call on his part came to light)...only to praise & go "public" with the relationship. Had I kept the "Preface" and "Messy Chapters" to myself, I would not be open to scrutiny by members of the inner circle & accused of potentially (dare I say) SETTLING *Egads & Clutch'em"* when in fact I am not.

    *just my 2 cents*

  4. Thanks for the follow! :) XO. It takes so much courage to just put yourself out there and to get caught up in the gossip is a killer. My feelings exactly. Be good to you and put yourself first even if that means not sharing as much as you would like to with your friends and family. Writing in a journal would probably be a healthier outlet till things are more concrete in your personal life.

  5. very insightful Orli! i think this is a must for men too and will save them in the long run, in the end its between the two people dating right, so the friends can come into the picture later:) if you like that person, i am sure your friends will too, or at least learn to like them.


  6. You are so right Brian! This rule applies to men as well! Thanks for the follow! XO