Monday, November 1, 2010

"Matchmaker Matchmaker I'm willing to Settle." A musical guide to Internet dating.

Nikki MacCallum makes her cabaret debut this season in a musical comedy about the cynical and skeptical world of Internet dating.   Nikki takes you step by step on the rules of Internet dating on one girl's quest to find a boy.  The song selection portrays the harsh realities of sifting through profiles, instant messaging and finding romance on various dating websites.  She sings "Dieter's Prayer" while eating a bucket of chicken wings from Boston Market and begs God for self-control so she can continue to look attractive for future men on the Internet. 
Clearly, these are different times  in our culture if a musical is being made to cast a light on the difficulties of meeting Mr. Right.  At the end of the show she commented that this was the most challenging role she ever had to play as an actress because it mimicked the experiences of her own dating life.  She did a wonderful job painting a woman's struggle to find love without compromising what she has to offer as a hip, smart young woman in today's world. 

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