Thursday, September 30, 2010

A friend from Facebook wrote....

"I never much paid much attention to someone's blog. I must say I find you very interesting. It was nice meeting you that night at Nobu. Very personable and quite charming. I hope you find what you're looking for. Rephrase. I hope someone finds you. You have your head on your shoulders. Not many do. How's Lavo? I was just in Tao Vegas. It was fun. Oh well, just know that this is the longest fbook msg I ever wrote. I always frowned upon it, but you've opened my eyes to the possibilities. Later sexy. "
(This meant so much to me!  Thank you facebook friend! xoxo)

Please dont tell me you are taking a private jet

and that you are landing in Teterboro Airport in NJ and then don't have any means of transportation to come to NYC to see me! This man was from Miami and spent two weeks texting me on my cell phone. How fun for me. How about taking Delta and flying coach like a normal person and having enough cab fair to make it into the city?!?  This spectacular man never did make it into NYC but you know what?  I don't think I'm too upset about this one.  :D
My fabulous family! My support system everyday, every minute and year after year!

It was just recently I had one huge regret....

that in my twenties I did not make my life more interesting.  When i got out of college I really wanted to be a reporter.  I actually did pursue it for a small period of time where I worked in Newton NJ for channel 63 News. "This is Orli Ross with channel 63 News."   It was fun and I was a segment producer.  Somehow I just got sidetracked because of a series of relationships with men and I could not focus on myself and what was important for my own personal success and growth.  Had I known that I wouldn't get married in my early twenties and I would be 34 and single, I would have chosen the path to be that reporter that I wanted to be.  I want something to show for myself at the end of this journey, midway through this journey or at whatever part of this journey because this journey will never end.  I encourage women to keep their lives interesting for themselves so that they do not disappear and become stereotypes.  This is my story.  I will keep living and continue making my life interesting because it's fun!  I AM HAVING FUN NOW, THANK GOD! I guess i just needed to get smacked across the head (an expression) one too many times to realize that this IS the right path for me.  I have a fabulous job, a wonderful circle of friends that I have worked on (in the last four years) , a supportive family (and that's an understatement) and myself!
My Bally's family at the gym!

I dont know you well enough to hate you.....

or feel anything substantial for that matter.  It's JUST LUST!  That's right ladies.  Do not stress out on those short dating episodes where you've dated a guy for under a month and it fizzles.  Take all that negative energy and do something positive with it.  That energy is going somewhere so you better put it to good use.  Go work out, see a great movie with a friend, go out with your girlfriends or just hang out with your family.  Love yourself more and the world will reveal itself to you.  I promise. XO

Be a politician when you date!

Never talk about past heartbreaks and never make promises you cant keep for the future.  Be a good listener and ask a lot of questions. Be flirty but not promiscuous. Be optimistic but realistic in your expectations of yourself and who it is that you are meeting.  You should come from a place of strength and lastly know your alcohol limitations.  :)

Did you know that it takes only 17 seconds....

to seal a negative feeling in your head?  So before you start thinking negatively remember the 17 second rule and turn it around.  Even if you don't believe it, say something positive about yourself and keep repeating .... mwah!

As I sat in the waiting room yesterday....

at my doctor's office, I came across a concerned father for his daughter.  Let me clarify that I am a pharmaceutical representative and I call on dermatology in NYC.  He looked at me and said "you look about my daughter's age"  and I was.  He was sad for his daughter.  His daughter is a successful lawyer in New York City who decided at the age of 30 that this was it and if she was going to get married that she was going to do it then because it was her LAST chance.  She wound up attaching herself to a man that was not of her world and is not contributing to her life in a positive way.  She had a baby with this man.  Her father said she looked beat up and tired.  Tired from work, the baby and the man that she had chosen to be her husband. 
  He asked about my life.  I told him i was a "pharm rep" and i was "single"  He then says to me "but you are so pretty, thin and in shape and have a positive demeanor, why aren't you married?".  I told him that it just was not my time. He was very inquisitive as to how I meet people and I was very honest and told him I go out 2 to 3 times a week and meet people randomly.  I don't put any pressure on any one event or any one person.  When it comes, it will come.  He then said that he had hoped that his daughter had waited and followed a similar path to what I had chosen.
  "Its tuff to be a woman these days" was his next feeling.   He was taking her out that evening to some expensive lawyers gala in NYC to open up her world a little bit and maybe speak to someone about finding another career path or maybe find another love interest.  He wants his daughter to have hope that there is another world out there for her to find her place.  My heart went out to this father who loves his daughter so much and just wants to see her happy and fulfilled in life and love. Lesson learned,  life isn't always perfect just because you have the "perfect" job and got married and had a baby.  Sometimes you just have to sit back, wait and be patient.
My sister's wedding last year.  My little sister and I were so happy for Cindy.  I am the eldest of three girls!

Comparing yourself to other people....

is natural so embrace it!  But do it in the right way.  As human beings we will never stop looking outside of ourselves to see where other people are financially or socially.  There is a way to do it.  If you are looking for your soul mate per say for an extended period of time and have not found him, you don't want to say to yourself, I give up and what's wrong with me.  You would want to say, its wonderful that Ms. X has found a wonderful person out there, there is hope for me.  I have my whole life in front of me and every possibility is a new opportunity.  It's tuff to do this, however,if you practice it enough you will get there!  Stay positive, stay calm and stay relaxed because you are worth it! You also might be a lone for a while, so if you don't take advantage of this time you will be doing yourself a huge disservice.  xo xo xo.

Peekaboo Dating in NYC

This is term I've invented for dating when a man asks you out and is a no show.  This happens consistently to women in New York City.  They have been asked out and pursued and given a date and time to meet and suddenly the man disappears.  It is unfortunate that life is so fast paced that people really do not take the time to genuinely connect.  My advice, if a man does that, drop it. Do NOT Pursue.  No, he will not change just because he has seen your beautiful face and your dynamic character.  You can not stop him.  He does not want to meet up because meeting a woman is not a priority in his life.  The best thing you can do for yourself is move on and open yourself to other possibilities.  Much love to my fellow female daters who consistently put themselves out there to connect and find something special. 

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fun Fact....

I've lived in NYC 12 years and I have had under ten female taxi drivers.  I take a lot of cabs.  Isn't that interesting. Driving a cab in NYC is not a female profession. 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Monday, September 27, 2010

Can someone out there....

follow me? lol.  :D

I dont need a relationship...

to define who I am.

The gay community seems healthy....

in NYC.  I live in a gay community in NYC and more and more I see more gay couples having healthy relationships.  You go boys!  It's so funny to see more and more gay couples and less and less straight couples in their mid thirties getting together to have healthy relationships.  Is this a trend?  HMMMM...I am going to a birthday party tomorrow night in Chelsea where it will be all gay male couples and ME! I love my life and all the twists and turns and funny situations that I encounter.  More importantly gay or straight, I am happy for all those people who find love and are in stable relationships. :D

Sunday, September 26, 2010


You have to start knowing yourself so well....

that you begin to understand other people.  There is a piece of us in everyone that you will ever meet! :)

Lavo is like

going to your local neighborhood bar.  Everybody knows Everybody either through Facebook, High School, Camp (back in the day), a dating website or a friend of a friend.  I have never seen anything like it.

There is nothing like...

walking home by yourself in your favorite short dress down 5th avenue at 2AM while all your friends are still at the club getting hammered.  I walked down 5th avenue with my IPOD, a favorite device of mine. I let the music fill my inner being and I  know that I have all the courage in the world to handle whatever life might throw my way.    It's wonderful knowing that you have your health, your family and an interesting circle of friends and random acts of intriguing conversations to pump you up.  Amen to the single girls who give it their all to make their lives interesting in a city where things can seem so mundane and boring.  I wish and hope that all those women out there find what they are searching for whether it be love or anything else that inspires them to keep moving forward.  Lots of love.  xoxooxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxo

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The new hangout Lavo in NYC....

has a dress code of "smart casual".  What does this mean?  New Yorkers can figure that out in a second but for visitors outside of the city, this might appear to be a dilemma.  Gotta love NYC! 

Friday, September 24, 2010


So, as I was getting my samples delivered today the delivery guy from Roadway was kind of enough to share an unfortunate story about his 7 year old Niece named Brianna who passed away last month.  She was suffering from an asthma attack when her mother quickly rushed her to the nearest hospital in Brooklyn.  She was stopped by a cop for speeding who would not perform CPR and did not want to assist Brianna and her mother in any way shape or form.  The police officer stopped them for speeding.  He made it so difficult for them to get to the hospital that by the time they arrived, this little girl could not be saved.  Her fourteen year old brother was in the car as well and witnessed the entire thing.  It makes you realize how lucky you need to be in life and how cruel life can be.  My prayers are with this family. 

The best revenge...

and the only healthy revenge... is to lead a happy full life!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


they are begging for kisses.  So funny, how what i thought was so complex becomes so simple.... men simply state what they want up front.  It is not a guessing a game.  If women choose to make it more complex then it becomes complex.  Learning to read the signs and not ignoring the bells is how simple reading a man is.  I made friends with a group of gals slightly older then myself and I love it.  They are real and  mature with how they articulate things and see life.  It is truly refreshing to surround myself with a group of women who value themselves.  Maybe now i can  find myself by being open to new people.  It's a challenge in NYC to find real people.  Trust me, I know! It was a wonderful evening.

Going out...


That's right!....

elephant pregnancies last for nearly two years! A 315 pound baby elephant was born in Australia on September 15th.  Normally they weigh between 200 and 250 pounds! Poor Mama elephant! 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So as i was getting my peel today @ Dennis Gross's

Pam, the cosmetologist who works for Gross actually found  a potential guy to set me up with.  Maybe a possible invite to Justin Timberlake's party at the Gansevort Hotel next Wednesday, where I will meet up with him....WE SHALL SEE... Regardless, of whether this works or not, it's always nice when someone thinks highly of you and tries to connect you with another person... it's a good day. :D

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Looking for apartments in Grammercy....

was so much fun! However, they don't put bathtubs in the bathrooms anymore?! Supposedly, it's too expensive and you would have to put one in yourself if you bought the apartment.  Nuts.  Grammercy is definitely more sophisticated then Hells Kitchen.  On my way home gave a dollar to a homeless man. Karma! Maybe just maybe ill be able to find that perfect apartment with a tub in an upscale neighborhood (for the right price of course! :))

Monday, September 20, 2010

I didn't know.....

that a 34 B and a 32 C were interchangeable?  Why have I never known this?  :)
Fashion Night Out NYC. September 2010

NYC Lingerie

So I walked into a fabulous lingerie store called Lingerie On Lex where i discovered the most amazing body shaping garments for women called SASSYBAX.  This material is comfortable and hugs a woman in all the right places.  I think it's important for women to have the propper undergarments to shape whatever it is that they wear from the form fitted, t-shirt, the little black dress or the structured blouse.  I read that Oprah is a fan of this line.  You can wear it as outer wear or an under garment.  I think that all women should have a go to when it comes to having the perfect fit under what it is that you are wearing.  Check it out! Its amazing! I think so!


My name is Orli.