Monday, January 31, 2011


  Congratulations you are in a relationship!  You have made the effort to meet a lot of people and now the "boyfriend" has finally arrived.  However, this is only the beginning of a journey that will keep evolving.  Just because you have someone in your life doesn't mean that your life STOPS.  Remember that you have a built a WHOLE life before he showed up and maintaining your interests is part of having a healthy and solid relationship with him and with yourself.  Taking care of yourself in cultivating friendships, career, family and outside activities are still as important as when you were single. 

If you are in a healthy relationship , you will find that balancing your personal lifestyle is a breeze.  It's a wonderful thing to spend a lot of time with your boyfriend, yet you will find that if you don't do the things that make you happy, your relationship could suffer.  The "honeymoon" phase of a new relationship comes and goes in a flash.  Making your life interesting and full plays a vital role in making your relationship more vibrant.

 Remembering your friendships are imperative.  Keep growing your relationships with your single friends.  Just because you are in a relationship and some of your friends may be single doesn't mean that you can't continue to hang out with your girlfriends.  I am sure your new found love has friends that he wants to catch up with and making the time to see your friends will make you feel good too!  Of course, going out with couples is another wonderful idea as well because being around other healthy couples and being social adds more sizzle to your love life. Being social and spending time with your "beau"  will keep your relationship in check. 

Keeping your personal goals in line at work is also imperative.  Staying focused on the job can sometimes be challenging when entering a new relationship, but you will find that the more you succeed at work and taking care of your responsibilities will help you stay balanced and in control with a new man in  your life.  Remember that your life is still your life and developing your career is part of what will ultimately make "you" happy at the end of the day. 

Never forget the hobbies!  If you went to the gym before, stay active!  If you took tango lessons before you met your guy, keep dancing!  All of these things is why your special guy fell in love with you in the first place.  Finding your "ZEN" in a relationship will secure and promote your relationship with him and with yourself in the future.  Keep loving yourself and he will love you MORE!

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