Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"Mapping Out" the NYC social scene VERSUS "Hanging Out."

  As a single woman in NYC, more often the not, choosing a hot spot to socialize becomes a very tricky situation.  The ratio of men to women, timing and day of week is the  most "simple" way I can describe our "fascinating " social city.
 You want to make sure that the venue is appealing to men.  It has to be  an alluring location where if the crowd is not as charming as you thought,  you can hop, jump skip, RUN or cab it to the next best option!  
  Going out during the week is another aspect of enhancing your chances to meet captivating NYC locals and professionals.  NYC socialites choose the week days over the weekends.  However,  during the week, you don't want to waste your time.  The pressure to make the most out of your night can become very complicated.  Most likely you have work the next morning!
  Timing is one more thing to consider when deciding which location to commit to for the evening.  Is this place a happy hour bar or an after hours lounge?  If you go at the wrong time, you could potentially miss the opportunity to meet the "right" people.   
  "Hanging out" in this city is becoming more complex then what it should be.  At times, I'm even exhausted at the thought of planning a night out with my girls.   Being strategic in putting yourself in the right places has its advantages but then the fun disappears.  When the fun disappears your ability to be fun, open minded and appealing vanishes.  Not every night in NYC is going to be a life changing experience.    Don't get caught up in the " going out drama."  Once in a blue moon wouldn't "hanging out" be the healthiest option?

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  1. agreed, Agreed, AGREED!! This gets even more complicated when your friends are on the hunt hardcore & are unable to just go with whatever vibe you encounter upon arriving at the hang spot of choice.

    It is somewhat pathetic to see some of my accomplished professional girls morph into "where the boys at?!?!" high school girls when trying to decide where to go for a night out.

    It leaves me wondering "since when did a night out become so complicated and a chore!?