Friday, September 24, 2010


So, as I was getting my samples delivered today the delivery guy from Roadway was kind of enough to share an unfortunate story about his 7 year old Niece named Brianna who passed away last month.  She was suffering from an asthma attack when her mother quickly rushed her to the nearest hospital in Brooklyn.  She was stopped by a cop for speeding who would not perform CPR and did not want to assist Brianna and her mother in any way shape or form.  The police officer stopped them for speeding.  He made it so difficult for them to get to the hospital that by the time they arrived, this little girl could not be saved.  Her fourteen year old brother was in the car as well and witnessed the entire thing.  It makes you realize how lucky you need to be in life and how cruel life can be.  My prayers are with this family. 

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