Thursday, September 30, 2010

It was just recently I had one huge regret....

that in my twenties I did not make my life more interesting.  When i got out of college I really wanted to be a reporter.  I actually did pursue it for a small period of time where I worked in Newton NJ for channel 63 News. "This is Orli Ross with channel 63 News."   It was fun and I was a segment producer.  Somehow I just got sidetracked because of a series of relationships with men and I could not focus on myself and what was important for my own personal success and growth.  Had I known that I wouldn't get married in my early twenties and I would be 34 and single, I would have chosen the path to be that reporter that I wanted to be.  I want something to show for myself at the end of this journey, midway through this journey or at whatever part of this journey because this journey will never end.  I encourage women to keep their lives interesting for themselves so that they do not disappear and become stereotypes.  This is my story.  I will keep living and continue making my life interesting because it's fun!  I AM HAVING FUN NOW, THANK GOD! I guess i just needed to get smacked across the head (an expression) one too many times to realize that this IS the right path for me.  I have a fabulous job, a wonderful circle of friends that I have worked on (in the last four years) , a supportive family (and that's an understatement) and myself!

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