Thursday, September 30, 2010

As I sat in the waiting room yesterday....

at my doctor's office, I came across a concerned father for his daughter.  Let me clarify that I am a pharmaceutical representative and I call on dermatology in NYC.  He looked at me and said "you look about my daughter's age"  and I was.  He was sad for his daughter.  His daughter is a successful lawyer in New York City who decided at the age of 30 that this was it and if she was going to get married that she was going to do it then because it was her LAST chance.  She wound up attaching herself to a man that was not of her world and is not contributing to her life in a positive way.  She had a baby with this man.  Her father said she looked beat up and tired.  Tired from work, the baby and the man that she had chosen to be her husband. 
  He asked about my life.  I told him i was a "pharm rep" and i was "single"  He then says to me "but you are so pretty, thin and in shape and have a positive demeanor, why aren't you married?".  I told him that it just was not my time. He was very inquisitive as to how I meet people and I was very honest and told him I go out 2 to 3 times a week and meet people randomly.  I don't put any pressure on any one event or any one person.  When it comes, it will come.  He then said that he had hoped that his daughter had waited and followed a similar path to what I had chosen.
  "Its tuff to be a woman these days" was his next feeling.   He was taking her out that evening to some expensive lawyers gala in NYC to open up her world a little bit and maybe speak to someone about finding another career path or maybe find another love interest.  He wants his daughter to have hope that there is another world out there for her to find her place.  My heart went out to this father who loves his daughter so much and just wants to see her happy and fulfilled in life and love. Lesson learned,  life isn't always perfect just because you have the "perfect" job and got married and had a baby.  Sometimes you just have to sit back, wait and be patient.

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