Thursday, September 30, 2010

Comparing yourself to other people....

is natural so embrace it!  But do it in the right way.  As human beings we will never stop looking outside of ourselves to see where other people are financially or socially.  There is a way to do it.  If you are looking for your soul mate per say for an extended period of time and have not found him, you don't want to say to yourself, I give up and what's wrong with me.  You would want to say, its wonderful that Ms. X has found a wonderful person out there, there is hope for me.  I have my whole life in front of me and every possibility is a new opportunity.  It's tuff to do this, however,if you practice it enough you will get there!  Stay positive, stay calm and stay relaxed because you are worth it! You also might be a lone for a while, so if you don't take advantage of this time you will be doing yourself a huge disservice.  xo xo xo.

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