Friday, October 22, 2010

10 Things Patti Stanger Needs To Know About Men In New York City

  1. Even the schlubbiest mook here thinks he’s supermodel-worthy.
  2. They actually appreciate women with curly hair. Ethnicity rules here. Lay off the flat iron business.
  3. No matter how rich they may be, don’t assume that they intend to pay for anything! You’ll have to tell them.
  4. They’re much harder to “shout into submission” than L.A. guys. If you push too hard, they’ll walk away and they won’t look back.
  5. Their careers really do come first. They won’t have time for the mixer; they won’t have time for you; they won’t have time for us.
  6. While L.A. guys may settle for a dumb, model type, NY dudes are expecting a model type who is also a Mensa member.
  7. They have attention spans that make a 5-year-old’s look impressive.
  8. The best specimens are the ones who just moved here from somewhere else.
  9. Jewish millionaires may be excited about finding a shiksa girlfriend, but their parents most definitely will not be.
  10. Most guys under 40 see no need to settle down because there are so many options. NYC is a buffet of hot, smart women. Aim for an older clientele!

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