Sunday, October 10, 2010

"Don't be in such awe of me"

was what a man I dated said to me as we were going up the chairlift in Vail Colorado.  It was our second date and I was thrilled to be there.  This was one of the more successful men I have ever dated and this is what he was saying to me.
  This brings me to the point of why women link up to powerful men.  They are mysterious and unavailable due to their hectic careers and busy social lives (typically).  They have the financial ability to take you out to the hottest restaurants and the most exotic places.  All these things make it that much easier for you to lose yourself and go into fantasy mode.  The truth is that at times you don't see what's behind all the glitz and glamour and fail to realize that they won't make great life partners (sometimes!  there are exceptions of course!).  So you are probably wondering if I'm still in touch with this man.  We had the friend talk and we are friends!  We are the kind of friends who never speak, never see each other, and we live on separate coasts and planets.

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