Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Turning boy "friends" into "boyfriends".

  "He was nice but the chemistry wasn't there."  This sentiment seems to be the common theme among women who are actively dating.  There are two types of boyfriends.  The men who become your friends and stay friends with you.  The next group are the men that become romantic partners and evolve into  relationships (however long or short these connections last).  The word "chemistry" is such an interesting word because no one can ever pinpoint what it actually means because it is a feeling.
  Going out there and putting time and effort into meeting someone is work and energy.  It is such a shame to meet someone where you get along but the spark isn't necessarily there and you walk away completely.    If it's meant to be and both parties agree to friendship, the relationship can always have a shot at a romantic possibility.
 Most women that I know always like to think of themselves as open-minded and actually give men a few chances from time to time.  Instead of going on a second date that you may not be comfortable with, why not change the way the game is played and just go out socially.  Sometimes taking off the pressure of a second date helps relieve the stress of trying to make him into the guy you want him be.  Seeing and experiencing him in a different setting might just inspire you to take it to the next level and the boyfriend might magically appear!
   I am not claiming to be the expert on this concept, but if you are going to say you're  open-minded, actions speak louder then words.  I'm keeping all my boys!  XOXOXOXOXOXO

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