Sunday, October 17, 2010


  It's crowded and loud especially when you hit a popular bar in the city.  A lot of the times it's hard to manage yourself gracefully because smooshing and pushing is an unfortunate part of the evening.  "Poppin bottles" is not all what it seems when you're in a teeming venue.  I would suggest taking a light sedative (JOKE).  The Standard Beer Garden in the summer is a prime example of how hectic these places can become. 
  A woman shot me the look of death the other night because I brushed up against her bag.  My best weapon is a genuine smile especially to the women who seem to have less patience then the men when push comes to shove.  Taking it easy and a deep breath is the only way to maneuver through these packed bars  We are all here to socialize and hopefully meet upstanding people.  Cat fights are so not cool, so just "Relax".

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