Sunday, October 17, 2010

Double booking dates in a single evening? Don't do it and here is why.

  Unfortunately, desperation can be read in a "New York Minute."  The concept of booking two dates in one evening is a road less travelled for me (score one for me!).  Yet, if you think about it, at first it seems like a great idea.  Putting in the effort to get dressed once and getting mentally prepared (as if it's like training for a marathon) seems like the quintessential way to multitask an evening. 
  If you have gone down that path,  (in my opinion) you may be treading in the "I have to put this date behind me" pool.  You want to give each meeting the respect it deserves.  People that consistently put themselves out there deserve time, consideration and kindness.  Would you want this done to you?
  If this is your frame of mind, try "speed dating" events.  This way everyone is in the same boat with the same expectations that this date could end at any second! PEACE and LOVE!

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