Thursday, October 21, 2010

Kissing on a first date is a given. "Says who?"

 This past summer I was set up on a blind date from one of my clients.  My date was with a religious guy which I was very hesitant about because I am not a religious person.  However, being open-minded to the possibilities, I accepted the date.  I felt a sense of relief when I arrived at the apartment rooftop because being that he was religious, I felt secure in the fact I wouldn't be put in a compromising situation.  The date was ending and he attempted the "grand finale, end of the date, first kiss."  I was shocked because I had not expected that this guy would even try for that kiss.  Be as it may, he did, and I said,  "Whoa! I thought I was safe here.  I thought you were religious."  "Orli, I'm religious but religious people kiss," he said. I gave him a peck on the lips to keep him at bay but that was not enough for this guy.  He said, "A real kiss lasts for five seconds or more."  Just to prove a point I put my lips against his and counted to five out loud.  "There, I did it!"  I said.  He walked me to the cab and as you could imagine , we never saw each other again, although he did call for a second date.
   It amazes me that kisses on a first date have become a given to the point of meaningless.  I understand,  it's the moment in the evening where you give it a try to see if you're compatible.  But, if you try too soon (in certain situations), you could be sabotaging yourself.  Having patience, especially when it comes to the physical stuff,  is what the dating world won't tolerate today.  So sad that the intimacy of kissing has fallen by the wayside. Considering just a two hour date and a friendly kiss on the cheek is not as realistic as you would think.  Physical attraction is one of the most important components of a first date.   However, wouldn't it be nice if a kiss actually meant what it should mean?

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