Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"I thought you didn't want to hang out,"

was what I said to this man I had a date with when I met him at the Spotted Pig.  Then he said, "I thought you didn't want to meet up."  Miscommunication through texting happens everyday.  This man had called the day before to confirm the date which was very respectful. Two thumbs up!  However, the next day it was raining.  The weather was so bad that I texted him four hours before we were supposed to meet up, "Are we still meeting up?".  His response via text was "Maybe we should make it another night if you would like. The weather is bad."  My text to that was "Yes or no for you, I'm in. I'm good."  He then wrote "We are on then".  When I got there, my impression was that he wanted to cancel last minute.  He felt that because he had already confirmed the day before that plans were set and I was bailing because I had sent that text four hours prior to confirm.  We both wanted to be there and no one was cancelling but because texting is so confusing each of us got the slightly wrong impression.  Lesson learned, pick up the phone and dial or better yet touch the screen on the cell and press send.  XO!!!!!

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