Sunday, October 17, 2010

I didn't go to "Barbizon Dating School" but this is what I discovered about posture in the dating world.(This one's for you JAM!)

  The most thought provoking thing happened while I was out with a friend.  We were at a restaurant and he asked me what would I feel like if I had it "all" (meaning the husband and the family).  I sat back in my chair and I just relaxed.  My shoulders no longer felt like they were two feet above where they should be, my facial muscles didn't feel as tight, my back felt looser and I was exuding this positive energy.  Then he said to me "Now that's the girl that everybody is going to fall in love with."
  I am out there and I have seen women on the hunt and it is heartbreaking and difficult to watch.  It is so important to stay calm because men, without a shadow of a doubt, can always smell the scent of anxiety and fear on a woman.  It is not only evident in what women say but it's also in their body language.
  Just the other night at the Four Seasons Hotel in Midtown, two women from Australia were out looking for rich men.  I suppose that they were told that this was the place to be to find these wealthy guys.  If you are a true New Yorker you know that half of these people at this hotel bar are putting on a show, it can be extremely pretentious and prostitutes are sitting at every other table.   These Australian women pulled out every trick in their bag, so to speak, a slew of magic tricks spilled out of one of their purses and they were crying for attention.  Two New York men quickly realized what these women were up to and fled the bar.   
  This case is an extreme example of rash behavior to get the guy. However, this idea of "time is running out so I have to meet him now" will never become you and puts you in an unfair spotlight because this demeanor does not represent who you are.  So take a step back, relax your posture and he will come to you!  Don't be a "barracuda" and I say this in the most helpful way! Never loose hope, he's on his way!

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