Friday, October 29, 2010

The male perspective on "the naked truth behind Halloween."

R.R. "The NYC guy next door."

  The only night of the year when you can be “yourself” in costume, Halloween!  Men and women can lose their NYC inhibitions, insecurities and fear on a night when everyone is supposed to be someone else.  It is not “you” behaving in this seemingly inappropriate manner, it is part of your character in costume :).
  Is it a coincidence that almost every woman will be wearing a seductive version of “herself” and put on the most revealing and shocking outfits in NYC on the chilliest  weekend of October?   No, I find many women want to be more assertive and open.    Wearing a sexy outfit that enhances a women’s sexuality is empowering on this unpredictable night to a man.   Being in costume permits you see a handsome guy and feel comfortable playing the seductress that might be not as obvious on any other given day.   Confidence is one of the first attractive qualities I look for in a girl.  
  Leave the shy conservative facade at home and let loose!  Take this one night to stop speculating about the future and go with the flow.  Most importantly, be safe!  R.R.!

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