Friday, October 22, 2010

"Cigar Bars," an untapped hidden treasure in NYC?

  If you can withstand the smoke, cigar bars are filled with eligible bachelors.  The "Cigar Inn" on the east side with its homey and loungey atmosphere, is a relaxed and enjoyable place to socialize with guys.  The men feel in their element in these smokey lounges. This just might give you the opportunity to connect with the men that frequent these places while just hanging out with friends or during their casual business meetings.  Showing that you can just "be" and hang with the boys is a real advantage.  In a city where women outnumber the men, this is a novel idea.  The ratio of men are far greater then women at this type of bar.
  Could the "cigar bar" be another alternative to a noisy and packed sports bar?   Yo Patti! Steakhouses and upscale restaurants aren't the only places to find available men in NYC.  You might want to reconsider your strategy and I'll reconsider mine!

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