Friday, October 15, 2010

The married men are amongst us!

  You would be really surprised to see just how many married men roam amid the NYC social scene.  Now, no one is saying that they shouldn't go out and enjoy themselves with their friends.  They are entitled to a social life too.  However, knowing who you are talking to out there can help you sift through the crowd with a keener eye and better understanding.  Short term proposals by married men are a definite "NO NO."  There are so many better, more wholesome options out there!
  In fact, just the other day at Philippe's in midtown, while walking back to my table a man stopped me (OK. I lied.  I shot him a flirty look and told him I recognized him from facebook. I had no clue who he was.  When he told me he was not a member of facebook, I told him, truth be told I had no idea who he was and just wanted to say hello :D).  We had a brief conversation and numbers were exchanged.  When I returned to my table, my friend with laser beam vision noticed a shiny gold band on his left hand.  I guess I must have missed it somehow! OOPSIE! On the other hand, he should have been more forthcoming with his marital status.
  When he called the next day, I immediately told him "you're married."  His excuse, "I was so hammered.  I had this number in my phone and I was just checking to see whose it was."  Nice try buddy!  But I'm not buying it.  XO and CIAO! :)

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