Thursday, October 7, 2010

Juggling men at a charity event is like speed dating.

  Meeting men at a charity event is always a good idea because  it's a cause you believe in and you have something in common versus just meeting a guy at a random bar. The good news is that  if you go to a good event it draws in a lot of people and the downside is that conversations can be touch and go.  Unfortunately, men and women quickly decide if they are romantically compatible and first impressions are often permanent.  I know, this is so unfair! 
  Handling yourself at these events can be tricky.  Focusing is key because it allows you to have more of an in depth conversation.  Keep asking questions and never underestimate the power of eye contact (So don't forget to apply your mascara. I use Hypnose by Lancome ;)). Stay relaxed and don't have an agenda.   Make sure that when you end the conversation that you do so with a smile and find a way to keep in touch either through email, cell number, facebook or whatever you feel comfortable with. That's right, you initiate the keep in touch process! More then likely they will accept.  If you are too busy looking around and moving from person to person, you will find that you have not made any legitimate connections and what a shame that would be because you made the effort to go out ( and style your hair, makeup and outfit :)) and meet people.  Don't forget to reach out to the wonderful women around you as well because as we all know meeting women is a great way to expand your circle of friends.

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