Wednesday, October 6, 2010

OK, so you had a super date last night and today it's as if he has taken a space shuttle and moved to the moon.

  It has happened to me more then enough times to come up with this answer so listen up. Men enjoy flirting just as much (maybe a little more in some cases) as we do.  It boosts their ego and it makes them feel good for the moment.  The same theory applies to why men ask you for your number and never make the call.  It's the chase of the here and now.  This is the "aha" explanation of why he has suddenly disappeared.  NO, he didn't die and no, he didn't get abducted by aliens.  Don't "cyberstalk" and just take a deep breath.  One or two or maybe three dates doesn't mean anything until it does, and you will know when it does because he will simply tell you. 
  In the mean time just take those beginning dates and enjoy.  The more easy going you are will serve you better first and foremost and that potential date may have more of a chance to thrive.  Bottom line is have fun on your dates. As an amazing man I once dated told me, "Rome wasn't built in a day" and my feelings were  maybe he should just move there! :)

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