Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The "loopholes" of Internet dating.

   A WHILE back I accepted a date from a man on an internet dating site.  We met at Citrus, a nice restaurant on the upper west side.  When I arrived, to my dismay, my date was not what I had expected.  He was the human version of snuffleupagous and I knew in an instant this did not have a shot.  He did not look like his pictures.  On the phone he had an English accent and it suddenly disappeared when I got there (A big oops on his part).   As he waited across the room , I politely asked the hostess to look over at the bar and see my date.  She, being  a single girl as well, understood immediately.  She made sure our food was delivered promptly and I was out of there in under thirty minutes.  My date could not believe how attentive the service was and he was pleased but confused as to how the date ended so abruptly.
   Internet dating has its perks because you can quickly scan a profile and get a date. You get on the phone, have a brief conversation while skimming over the pictures and decide to meet up.   However, it does have its drawbacks and these are some of them.  A black and white picture is photo shopped and shined up to perfection and is often times not an accurate picture.  Past pictures can also be misleading because it is not the present you and a younger version of you.  Pictures that don't reveal the physique in the internet dating world is a big deal (especially to men).  People can often times bump their ages up or down according to what they are searching for.  Professions can also be embellished and made to look more accomplished then the truth.  Lastly in the "what I'm look for" portion of the profile you can choose relationship, marriage or friendship and more often then not, some don't express what they are actually looking for in fear that they may not get what they want. 
   Internet dating is not for everyone.  Personally, I think it's better to meet people more organically.  Still, exposure and using different outlets is always a good idea.  An open mind  and throwing cynicism out the window is the best approach to internet dating.  However, when I had to remove the fork and the knife from my last date several months ago, in fear of my life, I called it quits for good! :D

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