Saturday, October 2, 2010

Is the Saturday night date going out of style in NYC?

I think so and actually I know so.  There used to be a time when a man asked you out and it was for Saturday night and it was special to a degree. There was a time where if you were not asked out for Saturday night it meant that a man was not taking you seriously.    Now with women and men having such busy schedules personally and professionally, people are simply just fitting it in where it's convenient for them.  For example, I had plans with my friends the other night, and the man I was supposed to meet had a work event in the evening time. He asked me to meet up for a quick drink before his meeting.  I didn't want to cancel my date with my girlfriends and he certainly could not miss what he had to do, so we just met up at ten pm at a bar near Bryant Park.  This is acceptable now because men and women want to meet up more casually so that there is less pressure.  It's kind of like having the "non-date date".  However, one of my girlfriends does have a Saturday night date tonight with someone that she likes.  I am so excited for her and I hope she has an amazing time.  Maybe from time to time Chivalry can still exist in this city. Maybe it will exist for my friend tonight! :)

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